METAL PRINT 20"x36" (1 piece) Product



Our metal prints feature the latest, highest quality printing on coated aluminium sheet that gives your images high definition 3D-look. Highly durable material that preserves your images while being scratch-resistant and waterproof at the same time.

Turn your images into brilliant display that exudes glowing shine with amazing details. Each piece comes with solid aluminium hook, ready to hang on the wall

Kindly note:
1. If you get low resolution warning when you drag your photo to the online editor, you can safely ignore the warning and submit your order if your image fulfills the following conditions:
(a) Original image is sharp, and
(b) The image file size is at least 3 mb (for canvas size 18x27 or smaller), 4 mb (for canvas size 24x36 or smaller). Max file size to upload is 20mb per photo

2. We do not ship this product outside Singapore