1. Register an account or Log in here HERE
      2. Select the desired product and click "Create Now"
      3. Upload your photos and add them to "My Selected Images for the Project"
      4. Drag and drop photos into available templates
      5. Add texts, change background colour and add image border
      6. Save and continue your project OR order now


      - Bring your layout files in CD/ USB/ Hard Disk.
      - Professional Layout Design and Editing Service is available with minimal fee


    If you are not creating album/book layout ONLINE but from other layout software such as iphoto, photoshop,  indesign or other layout software. Here are some steps:

      1. Choose the product of the same size with the size of your uploaded files and proceed to order online without placing any photo at the editor. Design the album/ book cover as per normal, and then submit the order with blank pages

      2. Send the files to us, you can upload to us directly here: UPLOAD
      Or Simply submit the jpeg or pdf files of the entire layouts to us. You can send to us via dropbox or and attention it to this email:

      3. Our Sales representative will contact you to confirm your order.

    IMPORTANT - When uploading your layout pages, kindly fill in the following information:

      - Subject: Name & Contact no
      - Message: Album type & Couple name/ Order ID: #GW17-xxxxx
      - Attachment: Zipped folder containing image files and notepad/ word document with order details if any.

      Meanwhile, just some pointers for you before you start doing your layout pages:
      - Open book spread (left hand page and right hand page combined together)
      - Eg: For album size of 12"x15" landscape close book, file size should be 12"x30" exactly (do not give extra bleed)
      - High res JPG or PDF file , 300 pixels/inch
      - Number the files in sequence: 01.jpg, 02.jpg, 03.jpg and so on
      - Do not give extra bleed (we need exactly 12"x30") however please note that:

      (a) We will trim all the 4 sides, ie., top, bottom, left, right for a few mm to make these sides neat
      There is no exact formula as to how much we will trim, in the range of 3 mm - 6 mm, and not necessarily by the same amount on each side
      In this case, we advise customer not to put important subject (text, faces of impt people) to be to close to all the 4 sides because they may be cropped away
      Anything you wish to preserve, it is best to place them 0.5" or further from the sides

      (b) For borders, it cant be too thin, our recommendation is border thickness of half inch (1.25 cm) or more
      Reason being, we will trim all the 4 sides (top, bottom, left, right) and thin borders may be completely trimmed off.
      Trimming will also affect the symmetry of your borders because if you have thin borders surrounding an image, if we trim the top say 6 mm and bottom say 3 mm, the difference will then be obvious (uneven border). Likewise with the left hand side and right hand side